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Capture of Gerard Hasepoot, Nijmegen, 1556

Capture of Gerard Hasepoot, Nijmegen, 1556

Jan Luiken (also spelled Luyken) (1649-1712)
Etchings from the Martyrs Mirror 1685 edition
Book 2, Page 173

The definitive catalog of Luiken's work is P. van Eeghen, Het Werk van Jan en Casper Luyken (Amsterdam: Frederik Muller, 1905).

The brief captions listed here come from several sources: the original 1685 edition, Gleysteen's Drama (which draws its captions from the 1698 version), and Eeghen. These sources do not always agree.

According to Oyer and Kreider, 30 of the original plates have survived, 23 owned by the Martyrs Mirror Trust and the other 7 in private hands. Which 30 of the images are found on the surviving plates is not known to me