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Mid-Day Meal 2

Mid-Day Meal 2

William Lee-Hankey - British - 1869-1952
$600 unframed - Edition: 100

Born in Chester, England, William Lee-Hankey was a painter and printmaker. He studied at Chester College of Art, the Royal College of Art and then in Paris. He lived in Paris for a number of years, returning often for extended stays. He
produced a body of work of French harbors and villages for which he is well known, the most famous of which is Fisherman’s Cove. He also produced a large number of paintings of English country life.

Over the years Lee-Hankey made a small number of etchings in color. Most of these remained unpublished and are known only in a few proofs. It is possible Lee-Hankey learned the technique, very rare and seldom mastered, while living in Paris. Indeed, there is a strong Parisian flavor to this composition with its flat services and clearly defined forms. Such color prints are amongst the most unusual etchings in the genre by any British artist of the period.

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