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St. Peters From Pine Church

St. Peters From Pine Church

Joseph Pennell - American - 1857-1926
$500 unframed - Edition: 250

Commonly referred to as the ‘‘Dean of American Printmakers’’ no individual artist had as much influence upon the shaping of early twentieth century American art as Joseph Pennell. His critical and opinionated books such as Lithography and Lithographers (1900) and Etching and Etchers drew the ire of many artists and collectors in Britain, France and the United States. Yet throughout his career his striking architectural etchings and lithographs were admired internationally. Even his great mentor and close friend, Whistler, exclaimed that Pennell had a most unique gift for creating a composition.

Shortly after graduating from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Joseph Pennell departed for London (1884) where he lived for the most part until the outbreak of the Great War in 1914. Frequent artistic trips to Germany, France, Italy and, later, America, made him an international figure. Forever inventive, Pennell’s etchings, lithographs and
drawings won major awards in Paris, Dresden, Milan, Barcelona, Florence, Amsterdam and in London.

Upon his return to the United States, Joseph Pennell was the first artist to seriously depict the modern urban environment. His etchings and lithographs of the growing skyscrapers of
Manhattan and the massive industrial sites of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia changed the course of American art. Joseph Pennell was elected a full Academician of the prestigious National Academy in 1909. Examples of his original prints and drawings are included in most of the world’’s major museums, including the Cabinet des Estampes, Paris, the British Museum,
London, the Uffizi Gallery, Florence, and the Library of Congress, Washington.

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